Owners Pleased with Results of T-Cyte Injections for Arthritis

Our initial treatment of using the new T-Cyte injections for several dogs with Osteoarthritis has been positive. Owners have reported noticeable improvements, ranging from walking stairs easier to getting up and down, and moving around more comfortably.

T-Cyte injections are a new method of combating Osteoarthritis in our older dogs. It is safe, has no side effects, is well tolerated and is an alternative/supplement to other treatments.

The initial treatment is a series of three injections, one each week for three weeks. That is followed by another injection after one month. Subsequent injections are determined by the progress shown by each animal.

“The T-Cyte injections are another way to make our senior dogs more comfortable and improve his/her quality of life. I am happy with the results so far,” said Dr. Richman. He recommends the injections as a treatment option for any dogs diagnosed with arthritis.

T-Cyte injections may not be a cure for Osteoarthritis but it aids in the treatment of this debilitating disease. For more information, owners can visit the T-Cyte website at www.tcyte.com or call the office at 440-585-3600.