Stem Cell Therapy

New Regenerative Medicine Therapy at Richman Animal Clinic!

We are pleased to announce a new therapy for our older dogs, Stem Cell Treatment! This therapy is a non-painful approach, is quick and easily done right here in the clinic. Improvement can be seen within a few hours after treatment. Stem Cell Therapy can be used on patients with Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, and other persistent problems. Unlike other similar stem cell therapies, our therapy is a 1-time treatment and does not require any sedation.

More About How Stem Cell Therapy Works

This treatment preserves the active life of animals through the use of regenerative cellular therapy.

If you would like to learn more about the Stem Cell company we work with, AniCell Biotech, click here for their website and Facebook page.

Here at our clinic, Dr. Richman has performed the Stem Cell procedure on multiple animals with various conditions including arthritis, heart failure, kidney failure, and more. All patients showed improvement within a few hours. Check out 2 of our stem cell therapy patients below!

Dr. Richman on the News!

Channel 3 WKYC Cleveland aired a special on Stem Cell Therapy featuring Dr. Richman. Click here to watch the story!

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